West Shore News Through the Decades, week of Feb. 12

The comings and goings of this week over the past three decades

The Continued creep of the Colwood Crawl, construction blasts that shot rocks through a duplex, a caretaker facing gun charges, and a Langford company being fined for discharging inadequately treated sewage are among the headlines pulled from past issues of the Goldstream Gazette going back through the decades for the week of Feb. 5.


Two teens were arrested by West Shore RCMP in connection with an assault and stabbing on the playing fields in between Belmont secondary school and the skate park on Kelly Rd. A 15-year-old and 16-year-old face assault and weapon-related offences after an 18-year-old West Shore resident suffered a stab wound to the abdomen and injuries to his face, scalp and head. The parents of one of the accused turned him into police two days after the assault, while the other was arrested a short time later.

Also making news the week of Feb. 12, 2006…

The investigation into a helicopter crash that claimed the life of a popular pilot from Metchosin and his co-pilot continues. Pilot Duncan Ruth, whose family has own the historic Glengarry Farm since 1906, and co-pilot Clayton Shearcroft died when their helecopter crashed int a remote area near Bella Bella.

The Colwood Crawl will continue to crawl, because their won’t be relief anytime soon. The bulk of provincial transportation funding will be invested in the Lower Mainland between now and 2013, as part of a $3-billion Gateway Program to ease the region’s chronic gridlock.


A road construction blast shot rocks through a duplex on Millstream Road Thursday was overloaded, “as far as we’re concerned for the amount of powder,” said Bill Harrison, an explosives expert with the workers compensation board. He also confirmed that the blast, at the Millstream interchange construction site had no proper cover. The licenses of two blasters has been suspended.

Also making news the week of Feb. 12, 1996…

A Langford company has been find 10,000 for polluting Millstream Creek in 1994. Phelps development Corp. which runs a sewage treatment plant in Langford’s Thetis Heights neighbourhood pleaded guilty to two counts of violating its waste management permit. The company had been facing a total of 10 charges for discharging inadequately treated sewage.

A shopper, who wouldn’t give her name was lining up outside the Salvation Army for two hours before it opened in order get a deal. Determined to be the first one through the door, she sat outside waiting in a line since 6:45 a.m. with two pairs of socks on and long johns. Her target? A sweater, almost new, detailed with glyph-like drawings of people and animals. Worth approximately $60, it was tagged at $5 in the stores display window. By 7:45 a.m. the woman has company, by 8 a.m. there were four people waiting in line. By 9 a.m. the lineup was 12 deep. In the end, the woman got her sweater for $2.50 because the store ran a 50 per cent off sale.


A Caretaker is facing gun charges. A Colwood apartment block caretaker has been arrested by Colwood RCMP for threatening partying tenants with a rifle. Four RCMP officers rushed to Belmont Apartments after a tenant reported seeing a man wandering around the block with a rifle.

Also making news the week of Feb. 12, 1986…

Will there be any room in the inn? Hotels, motels and campgrounds in the Western communities are anticipating a limited increase in business during Expo 86. Based on accommodations listed with the Juan de FucaChamber of Commerce there are close to 300 hotel and motel rooms available and 716 camping spots the majority with electrical hook ups. Reservations are already being made.