View Royal emergency program volunteer Cindy Heslop (second from left)

View Royal emergency program volunteer Cindy Heslop (second from left)

View Royal ESS volunteer honoured

Emergency Social Services volunteer recognized for a lifetime of giving

Putting systems in place to make sure View Royal won’t be caught flat-footed in the event of a major emergency has been a major priority for Cindy Heslop.

Since joining the town’s emergency program volunteer corps in 1999, she’s served many roles, from emergency social services (ESS) responder to deputy emergency program co-ordinator.

Heslop was recently recognized by the province for her efforts with a Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer lifetime achievement award.

Among her actions over the years was writing the town’s original emergency response and recovery plan, a document that details actions and responsibilities for municipal staff and residents. In conjunction with other members of the emergency services community, she continues to help tweak policies and procedures so they reflect current scenarios.

Some years ago she recognized the need for residents to see the municipality setting a good example for preparedness, and encouraged the town to buy workplace emergency kits for all staffers. Once the budget was approved and the materials purchased, she assembled the kits herself. The kits are today a mandatory issue for all new employees and fire department volunteers.

Heslop was also instrumental in securing three shipping containers placed in the community and filled with on-demand emergency supplies.