THROUGH THE DECADES: For the week of April 8

Veteran's Park graffiti, multiple thefts catch up to a man and youths steal fire chief's vehicle: past headlines from the Gazette


Langford Legion president Harry Groom is upset at the insensitivity of those responsible for an outbreak of graffiti at Veterans Park. The Vimy Memorial at the centre of the park has green spots and eyelashes spray painted to the face of the statue and the columns. Another sculpture, modelled after Groom himself sitting on a park bench and explaining the significance of a poppy to a teenager, has what appears to be a penis and a swastika drawn on its face and shoulder, respectively.

Also making news the week of April 8, 2006:

The Victoria Regional Transit Commission confirms plans for bus expansion into the West Shore. The service changes are reflective of a 22-per-cent increase in ridership in Western Communities routes, one of the fastest growing areas in the Capital Regional District.

And, the Sooke Teachers Association files a grievance with the Sooke School District over class sizes. “The District has been in non-compliance at the primary level (Grade 1 to 3) for some time,” says association president Ian Johnson. Ron Warder, SD62 director of instruction, says his understanding is that although 16 districts have been found to be in a technical violation regarding class sizes, the STA is the only one to file a grievance.


A marijuana advocate is the newest partner in the controversial Happy Valley Hemp Store, but he says he won’t be mixing business with pleasure. Wearing a cap made of hemp, he tells Langford council he promises not to sell marijuana pipes or seeds from his store. Langford Mayor Stew Young vows that he will hold him to his word.

Also making news the week of April 8, 1996:

A man who failed to attend court-ordered family violence counselling is ordered to pay a $500 fine by a Western Communities provincial court judge. Originally convicted of criminal harassment of his girlfriend, he threw a rock at his own truck instead of hitting his girlfriend. He asks for marriage counselling instead.

And, Jeremy D. Lebold appears in Western Communities provincial court to face charges of stealing. He is caught with a blue 21-speed mountain bike that was reported missing to police. Back in September police got a call about three men loading a blue Camaro into a U-Haul truck. A blue Camaro had been reported stolen from a towing yard, so police stopped the U-Haul and made the men open up the back. Two months later, a man noticed a 1990 motorcycle had been stolen from his Langford carport. Police found Lebold riding the motorcycle, saying he was just test driving it for “Adam.” Lebold was unable to provide “Adam’s” last name.


The archery association in Turkey confirms it will send a team to compete in the Canadian archery championships, being hosted by the Victoria Bowmen Club at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre in July. The club has done what the Olympics and the Archery World Championships could not, which is to draw a country that hasn’t competed in a national or international archery event for eight years. The club still doesn’t know why.

Also making news the week of April 8, 1986:

Colwood fire chief Dick Proudfoot gets a big surprise when two young offenders take off with his brand new 1986 Dodge, equipped with flashing lights and all. The two, who cannot be named due to their age, take the car from his home after finding the keys in the ignition. The car has only 400 miles on it when it was taken, but has considerably more wear by the time police find it 45 minutes later in a ditch.

“When you leave keys in an emergency vehicle so you’re ready to go in a hurry should the need arise, you don’t expect someone to steal it,” Proudfoot says. “It’s too bad it’s gotten to that point in this district.”

– Compiled by Arnold Lim

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