Sarah Scrivers's Christmas tradition story from Sangster elementary school's grades 3/4 class.

Ruth King elementary Grade 6 students share their Christmas traditions

One of my favourite family traditions is every year we go to my uncle’s house and have a Christmas party.

My Favourite Holiday Tradition

One of my favourite family traditions is every year we go to my uncle’s house and have a Christmas party.

We play mini golf in his backyard. We split up into two teams and we create obstacles for each other. After we are done, we all get a present to open. Afterwards we go and eat dinner. It’s usually turkey and mashed potatoes. For a drink we get homemade eggnog. Every time I ask him the ingredients he says egg and not.

Once that’s over we have dessert. The dessert is really good homemade ice cream! Then we go into the living room with our drinks and usually tale about what we think we might get for Christmas. Afterwards we will play games and a lot of other things. We usually leave around 9:30 p.m. Once we are home we open up one last present. It’s usually clothes. Since it’s boring, we go to sleep.

by Graydin


My favourite holiday tradition is Christmas because we go to a big house. It takes at least six minutes or less to get to the big house. We watch big house dancers, it takes a while but I get used to it. Then we have a big feast. Lots of Native people go to the big house, all of the benches were full. That day of Christmas it is not for presents but about family being together.

by Jordan Charles


My favourite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve. My sister and I make a Christmas tree shape cake. It takes about one hour to make the cake. Then when we are done, we save it for Christmas dinner.

On Christmas morning we put the finishing touches on the cake. Then we go and open the stockings and the presents under the tree. For the rest of the day we look at all the stuff and learn how to play with it, all the stuff that we got. Before we do all that my dad makes my mom, sister and me breakfast.

We have pancakes, bacon and eggs. The pancakes look like Christmas trees and the bacon is so crispy. The eggs are just scrambled. After breakfast we look at all the presents. After that it is 5 p.m. time for dinner, we have a cooked turkey and potatoes. Then after have the Christmas tree shape cake. It is really good.

by Dakota


Every year my parents, my friend, her mom and I go to see The Polar Express. Sometimes we watch it at each other’s houses and sometimes in a movie theatre. We have seen the movie so many times that no one likes it that much anymore. I prefer to enjoy the movie at the IMax because you can eat really yummy popcorn while watching a good Christmas movie. The only thing I don’t like about seeing movies in theatres is that they start at 6 but with all the commercials the movie starts at 6:15. We bring hot chocolate to the theatre sometimes so we can wait for the movie with some yummy, warm goodness.

Megan Hannem


On the day of Christmas Eve my sister and I wake up and my mom makes us reindeer shaped pancakes. The smell is amazing! As we watch the pancakes flip it seems as it will take forever to get our hands on those delicious pancakes. While we watch anxiously my mom is putting the toppings on the pancakes, syrup, icing sugar, and whip cream. As my sister and I bite into the most majestic breakfast ever, I think about how lucky I am to have this awesome breakfast. I pick off the raspberries and eat them one by one. I feel amazing!

Reece Mackrous


On Christmas Eve my whole family gets together and spends two or three nights at my grandparents house. All the girls go to church and the boys cook the dinner. We have turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and my grandpa buys a non-alcoholic wine because my uncle is Muslim and he can’t have alcohol. My grandma buys firecrackers and we pop them and then we have to pray before we eat. Then we eat dinner and have coffee and hang out as one big family. That is what I love about my traditional holiday.

by Mackenzie Scown


Every Christmas (in) my family we go for a ride to look at all the ligths after we watch a movie; Polar Express is about a bunch of kids are (on a) train going to the North Pole.

We have turkey, corn, carrots, mash potatoes, stuffing. I like to stuff the turkey and mash the potatoes. I like the smell of turkey. The best thing I like about turkey is the skin.

by William Kingfisher


My favourite Christmas holiday tradition is actually on Christmas Eve. My parents always buy my sister and I a present that they let us open a day early! That one present is always the same thing … pyjamas!

The thing is, we have to eat dinner before we open the present. My sister and I eat dinner really fast so we can open the present sooner. We open our presents first, then my mom and dad. I don’t exactly know why we get pyjamas. I think the reason it’s always pyjamas is … my dad always films Christmas morning and I guess he doesn’t like us wearing the same pyjamas every year. Honestly the reason doesn’t really mater to me because, it’s my favourite tradition ever!

by Avery Cobby


My favourite holiday tradition is the day after Christmas. My cousin comes to my house and stays with us for a couple days. We have all-nighters and watch movies. My oldest sister takes us to the store to get some midnight treats! While my cousin is over, we do so many fun things! My dad might take some days off work to do stuff with us. We love watching Home Alone, painting our nails, and if the weather is nice we play soccer! If it is snowing, since we live on a hill, my dad will get out our sled and push us! Around that time, my dad always gets me a teddy bear from a particular store. I’ve been getting them since I was seven. My cousin helps me name it. Finally, we give each other Christmas presents!

by Gaveena N.


My holiday tradition for Christmas is … to have fun.

I get together with my family. We have a turkey and most importantly, we all get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It is fun how we pull a number out of a basket and there are about 30 people in the house. It means that what number you pull out is when you go up. It is also my brother’s birthday on Christmas Eve. I have fun opening presents especially with my brother and my grandmother. One thing I will never forget is me and my grandmother got up at midnight and we looked downstairs to see if Santa Claus delivered the presents. We saw a red light. We thought he was still in our living room! After that I ran back upstairs and went back to bed. I woke up in the morning and opened the presents. The most exciting present Santa left was two video games!

by Koltyn H-G


My favourite tradition is heading to my auntie’s house for Christmas dinner. All of us meet up there and hang out for a little bit then we all grab our food that we’ve brought. We normally get told what to bring: dessert, dinner, drinks or sides. The feast begins. The kids sit at the table in the kitchen and the adults sit at one in the dining room. We all love talking to each other and seeing so much family. Then we get to take the presents home from the family and open them on Christmas Day.

by Jemma F.


Christmas morning my sister, my dad and I all wake up at 10:30 to open our presents. First we open our stockings. Then at 11 we open our presents. One Christmas my sister got a camera and a cupcake making gizmo! My dad got a brand new housecoat and a video camera. I got the video game I wanted that I had been waiting for! I also got a mic for the PS3. Santa got me three presents. One was a video camera. I like how Santa gave me a microchip for my phone. The third present was not as exciting so I don’t remember. After presents my dad makes breakfast and my dad makes a feast of pancakes.

After breakfast we go swimming at Juan de Fuca. I enjoy sitting in the hot tub. Then about one hour later the water slide opens. I quickly walk over to it and I go down the water slide about five times. After the water slides close we go home and play with our toys.

by Tyson C.


Every Christmas season my family and I watch the Polar Express. That is my favourite Christmas movie. There are always six eyes watching the movie. We watch it every year at the IMAX. Only my sister hasn’t seen it because she is too little to handle all that noise. Instead she stays home with grandma and watches the Grinch.

During the movie my brother falls asleep even thought it’s noon, because he thinks it is boring and too dark in the theatre but not me, I stay away the whole movie then fall asleep at home later.

by Doreen S.


For my Christmas tradition I would like to wake up to a really pretty tree with lots of presents under it. After that my mom would open her presents form me. She would have a big smile on her face. Then the rest of us would open ours. Later on we would go to see some cool Christmas lights. When we get home, I would see our beautiful lights! When we get inside the house we would watch a movie The Grinch Stole Christmas. After that, when it’s almost time to go to sleep my mom would make me and my two brothers some hot chocolate. Then I would go to sleep having an awesome Christmas ever!!

Jaida A.


My favourite holiday tradition is giving. I love to give other people presents on Christmas. Another thing is to give food at school to help other people so they can eat. On Christmas Eve I always say “It’s not about the presents it’s about giving the presents”.

When I was a little girl I always used to wake up my parents but now my little sister does. Sometimes on Christmas I forget to get something for my parents so I share my love to them. Almost every Christmas I go to two houses, first my grandma and papa’s then my other papa’s.

On Christmas Eve sometimes I go to my grandma and papa’s house for a sleepover and eat Christmas dinner two nights in a row. Every Christmas my sister and I always get to open new pyjamas I wear to bed. I always love my pyjamas and keep them until they are worn out. If they are still good as new, they go to my sister when they’re too small for me. I always have an awesome Christmas. Every Christmas morning I have eggs and bacon, also hash browns. Christmas is always so much and I hope you have an excellent Christmas!

by Camryn Coney


My favourite holiday tradition begins on the 23rd of December. It usually starts by me going to my grandma’s house and spend the night. On the 24th I get up and have a nice breakfast of eggnog pancakes or waffles. Then we go about our day until about dinner time then we go to my aunt’s house to spend Christmas Eve partying and at about 11 p.m. I leave with my parents to go home to sleep. On Christmas morning I wake up at about 5:30 a.m. and go to my parent’s room and wake them up. Usually my parents get up at 5:45 a.m. on Christmas morning to unwrap presents. My sister on the other hand gets up at about 7 a.m. and starts unwrapping her presents. After all the unwrapping is done my family goes to my grandma on my dad’s side’s house to unwrap presents for my sister and I and have breakfast. After we go to my mom’s mother’s house to unwrap presents we usually go home after that but this year for the first time in my life i get to go to my mom’s dad’s house. We are going to unwrap presents there and have Christmas dinner.

by Tyler G.


My favourite holiday tradition is talking to my relatives in the Philippines on Skype with my family. I am Filipino myself. We usually have to do it late at night since time in the Philippines is 16 hours ahead of our time. So if we do it at night, it’s day there. We do this every year so we could stay in touch as a big family. I have about 20 cousins, nine aunts, a few uncles and two grandfathers and one grandmother. Our family doesn’t just Skype our relatives in the Philippines, we also Skype with other relatives around the world! My mother usually uses Skype to video chat with my two aunts in the U.S.A. and my uncle that lives there too. The one time we were Skyping with my cousin that’s about 20, she told us that she was pregnant! We were all so happy for her! Now her daughter is a few years old.

Something that just myself and my family do on the holidays is to go to restaurants and cool places that we’ve never gone to before that are either in Victoria or anywhere else on the Island. Once we went to this really cool/weird restaurant somewhere in Victoria and it was called Nando’s. At Nando’s they serve chicken and fries and food you would normally find at a restaurant. When I first tried their chicken it was delicious. They serve the chicken with an amount of spice you want. The amount of spice I got was called lemon and herb. My parents got medium spice. By the time we were leaving I could barely walk because I was so full of chicken and fries!

by Adrian V.


This is my favourite holiday, Christmas time just the word Christmas it feels so magical to me. My favourite memory is at my grandma’s house with my whole family and every year someone dresses like Santa and surpasses everyone and hands out presents, youngest to oldest. After that magnificent period of time we make hot chocolate and all sorts of cookies we also listen to holiday classics on the radio. When the little kids and me get bored we grab our sleighs and go down a snowy hill. When the kids go to bed I go downstairs and watch Christmas movies and play with board games. It is around 5:45 and we have watched about three movies. The weirdest thing happened, we all saw male deer outside and that kind of freaked us out since it was Christmas.

It’s a shame that Christmas is only one day because it’s a day that people get to spend time with one another but maybe it doesn’t have to be.

by Dallas Nicholls


My favourite holiday tradition is on Christmas morning. My sisters, mom, dad and I wake up at 6. We all have to sit in front of the presents of an hour and a half to open them. We pass time by playing board games and by eating breakfast. If we succeed then we get to open our presents first. If we fail then that person is last.

I have only failed once. When I was seven, I opened what I knew was a PS2. So I did not get to play on it until everybody else was done opening presents. We have done this since I was six. My sisters have failed twice when they were seven and five.

After we all open the presents, we take a Christmas picture of the victors and the losers. Then we play with our toys for an hour.

by Raine W.


On every Christmas my sister and I always wake up and go into our mom’s room and yell at her to get up. Then after we open presents the whole family comes over for breakfast. My sister and I go to our dad’s and open presents there. We go to the car show and alter we eat a big turkey dinner. After turkey dinner we have apple pie. The new stay there for the rest of the weekend.

by Jacob S.


My Christmas tradition is every year my family has everyone over for dinner then me and my sister open one gift before everyone leaves. Then my dad my sister and I read The Night Before Christmas. When I wake up the next morning I go in to the living room and see a huge amount of presents and my stocking is filled to the top my mom, sister and my dad come in and then me and my wiser open all our presents and then we eat bacon and eggs. That night we go to my nana’s for dinner then we open the gifts she got us then we go home and my dad and I build all the Lego sets I got, it usually takes us three days.

A few years ago I got a camcorder and me and my dad filmed me flying down the hill on my toboggan and I face-planted into the snow. It was hilarious. Then last Christmas my sister got a drum set and now she plays nonstop it’s so annoying then a few days later I got a saxophone now I play nonstop and my sister hates it.

This year I’m spending Christmas with my entire family first I have dinner with my mom then I’m going to my dad’s for Christmas Eve then in the morning I will open all the gifts at my dad’s then I will go to my mom’s and open all the presents there. Then I will go to my dad’s and I will play with all new toys with my dad and then he will make dinner and then I have to get ready for bed.

Now you know what my Christmas tradition is. Merry Christmas ho ho ho!!

Doug F.


My favourite thing to do is on Christmas Eve. Open one of our small gifts with my dad and mom. It’s my favourite thing to do because it’s when my dad comes home. Then on Christmas me and my sister wake up early, take our stocking and open them in our room together. After this we wake up our parents! They make us pancakes with whipped cream, strawberries, cherries and syrup. After breakfast we show our mom and dad what we got in our stocking. Then we go and open our gifts that we got. While we are doing that we take a picture of all our presents. To finish the morning we drink hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, more whipped cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies. After all the presents are open we all have a nice family dinner.

by Cassidy A.

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