SAUNDERS TRIBUTE: Saunders’ support of newspaper supports community

Gazette publisher Christine Scott speaks of Bob Saunders and family's influence

I don’t think there is anyone on the Westshore who does not know Bob Saunders or at least know who he is. And to have that kind of a legacy in a community is enviable to many.

Bob Saunders is one of a kind; soft spoken, kind, and humble, a true humanitarian.

He once asked me to come to the Saunders Dealership to help hand out cheques to some local teams and organizations along with other groups he felt needed help. It was a heart-warming experience and one I will remember always.

Bob always has someone he wants me to meet because he feels that the Goldstream News Gazette can help out with a good local story; he is all about his community.  He is a huge supporter of local sports and the high schools’ music programs; he just wants to help out wherever he can.

The entire Saunders family has given back more than I can even begin to document here, whether it be through their foundation or causes such as Comfy Kids, and I wish them all well in the next chapter of their journey.

I hope Bob stops by to have coffee with us at the Gazette office once he has settled into his new routine, because we will always have a cup ready for him.

Christine Scott is publisher of the Goldstream News Gazette.


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