Wendy Mitchell

METCHOSIN’S PAST: Time for a quick history lesson

Metchosin school grew with population boost in area

METCHOSIN’S PAST: Backdrop brings life to exhibits

Pioneer Barn Museum in Metchosin offers colourful historical displays

METCHOSIN THEN AND NOW: Metchosin store an icon in distrct

Store constructed in 1930, remains a meeting place for residents

Metchosin: Then and Now, May 29

The old Sherwood Creek Bridge spanned waterway until the 1940s, when a poorly executed plan saw better road, culvert built

Metchosin Then and Now: Old Foster’s Bridge now a pedestrian crossing

Lay of the land has changed in the decades since first bridge was built

Metchosin Then and Now: Quarantine Wharf

William Head Quarantine Station a crucial piece of area’s history

Metchosin Then and Now: Darby Farm

Iconic water tower remains from the early days of property

Metchosin: Then and Now — Helgesen Farm

Lombard Drive leads to site of the former Helgesen home, Sherwood

Metchosin Then and Now: Taylor Road

A photographic look back in history compared with today's viewpoint

METCHOSIN’S PAST: Barde Knockie Trail among early routes through Metchosin

Various routes were established from rugged west coast to Victoria

METCHOSIN’S PAST: Madge Watt a Metchosin institution

Among her many accolades were the Agricultural Order of Merit from both France and Belgium

METCHOSIN’S PAST: How well do you know your local history?

See how many of these tidbits of information you know

METCHOSIN’S PAST: Christmas equally special in 1926

Santa visits and Japanese oranges the treats of the day

METCHOSIN’S PAST: Big cat stories abound in Metchosin

Many families have had cougar stories passed down through generations

METCHOSIN’S PAST: What’s in a name?

Place and street names have colourful history, Wendy Mitchell writes

HISTORY: Old-time ad was convincing for Metchosin store

Merchants played on people's patriotism during First World War

HISTORY COLUMN: A brief history of the Metchosin Museum Society

Community heritage group marking history for more than 40 years

HISTORY COLUMN: Metchosin’s Glen Rosa farm home to colourful characters

Home once overlooked Pedder Bay inlet from top of hillside

HISTORY COLUMN: Former Beechwood Farm land still gateway to Metchosin

New columnist Wendy Mitchell links readers to Metchosin's past