George Mortimore

Modern electronics enable deeper mind-to-mind talk

Smart rats may point the way toward achieving stronger co-ordinative human brainpower

Setting course toward democracy

Christy Clark and Co. implied that farewell to Auditor-General John Doyle; but public anger stirred them to reconsider

Needed: creative transport options

Thoughts while crunched into a car seat at Swartz Bay: When will the next ferry sail? Wish I had a laptop.

COLUMN: Clock is ticking on brain-healing

Dementia. I hate that ugly word. It implies, wrongly, that the patient has ceased to be a thinking, feeling human.

COLUMN: Canada the nation could follow Finnish ways of transit

Finland is an efficient industrial country, tuned in to the Electronic Revolution. For Finns, access to the internet is a legal right.

Mortimore: Will Earth export climate refugees?

I think about Mars as I view Kelowna and snowy mountains from seven miles up, and squeeze comfortably into an economy-sized space.

Mortimore: Breaking the sound barrier

“You’re deaf.”
So the more blunt-spoken listeners and watchers told me, when I raised the TV sound volume.

Mortimore: Sharp practice on the market

One tiny piece of steel. That was the only shaving supply I needed, a blade for my Schick Injector razor.

Mortimore: Last call for a co-op revolution

CORRECTED VERSION: Peninsula Co-op has no Langford representative though it does have a representative from View Royal and Metchosin

G.E. Mortimer: Nailing the pet-bashers

Animal-cruelty offenders escape conviction because the law is weak. They plead “I didn’t mean any harm, it was an accident.”

Alarm call for Earth, but who is listening?

Viewed through a snowstorm of plum blossoms outside my window, the world looks calm and pretty.

Trying to keep up with technology

Thirty-six million faces per second. That’s the capacity of a Japanese-designed people-tracking system

Sleepwalking to new leadership

I’m talking about dumb-old-codger jokes, although I haven’t heard any so far. Probably the youngsters are too polite to crack them.

Choosing one of seven friends

“Which NDP leadership candidate would you vote for?”

Thanks for everything, Vic General

Dialing 9-1-1 would be a big decision, so I refrained from doing it.

A few regretful moments in history

Historian Maureen Duffus is firing up her time-travel machine once again.

Think about it: Clearing our clouded brains

The Alzheimer’s Society rolled out the numbers: 35.6 million people in the world living with dementia.

Clark can save rail, catch votes

B.C. Liberals have it in their power to steal thousands of Vancouver Island votes from the NDP.

The case for lawful, controlled pot

“Big Tobacco” would love to grab the billions of dollars that will flow from marijuana if its sale is made lawful across Canada.

Led by computers to financial ruin

Smart machines are overwhelming the stock markets, as electronic traders buy and sell securities without human intervention.