Letter: Sooke Lake reservoir is at risk from contaminated soil dump

One Colwood resident warns of the potential dangers of contaminated runoff

EDITORIAL: Falling loonie good and bad

Ask your grocery manager what lies ahead for pricing

Letter: Dog droppings are not biodegradable like bags

One Langford resident reminds others to dispose of dog waste properly

EDITORIAL: West Shore helps social initiatives

Business ventures help community works, as well as make profits

EDITORIAL: Assessment hike a positive sign

Residential property assessments went out this week

Letter: Future sewage treatment costs worry one Colwood resident

One Colwood resident questions the cost of sewage treatment

EDITORIAL: Nearby shaker another reminder

Has last week's earthquake prompted you to buy an emergency kit for home or work?

EDITORIAL: We look back to look forward

Past experiences help us plan for future learning opportunities

EDITORIAL: Change assured on West Shore

All five municipalities have exciting projects in the works for 2016

Letter: Huge wall on Latoria worries resident

One Colwood resident questions the construction of a wall on Latoria Road

EDITORIAL: Be thankful to those in service

Keep in mind those that find themselves going to work on Dec. 25

Letter: Logging off Watkiss Way not the only massive cut

One Colwood resident points to logging on the West Shore

Letter: Shift to renewable energy sources makes sense

One resident believes a shift to renewable energy sources makes sense

Letter: Use of peer-reviewed science needed in climate discussions

One resident believes peer-reviewed science a necessity in climate change discussions

EDITORIAL: Potential travel nightmare stirring

Potential job action may be aimed at the wrong group

Letter: Many scientific views to draw from on climate

One resident questions the impact CO2 has on climate temperature

Letter: Let both sides speak in climate change debate

One reader wants to make sure both sides in the debate are heard

Letter: Climate change very real: reader

One reader questions whether statistics were fact or fiction

EDITORIAL: Pristine roadway is not a speedway

Long term plan needs to be considered for Ocean Boulevard

Letter: Those living in poverty could live with refugees

One reader wants to see support also given to Canadians in need