EDITORIAL: Women still earn less then men

A week after International Women's Day not much has changed

Medicinal marijuana track record not proven by history

One resident believes history has not proven the track record of medicinal marijuana

More housing needed but not just for families

One residents points to the high cost of living contributing to housing struggles

Sustainable partying gains popularity on the West Shore

The value of the new phenomenon, also known as the toonie party

Road improvements needed with bike lanes

An increase in cars on the road leaves little room for others

Pesticides, a toxic mess in your garden

One resident warns of the harmful products you could be adding to your soil

EDITORIAL: Housing needs not being met

West Shore municipalities have the right idea with affordable housing programs

Medical marijuana consistency proven

Herbal remedy's record proven, according to one reader

Housing for disabled before homeless

One resident would like to see disabled Canadians taken care of first

Disabled persons should be getting more help

The costs of living is more for a person with disabilities

Gas plant idea preposterous

One resident thinks the proposed LNG facility doesn't fit within the area's ideals

EDITORIAL: Disabled citizens poorly served

That $77 is a single trip to the grocery store for many

B.C. can do better for its residents

One residents points to all the cuts made in sacrifice of those numbers

No free bus rides for most residents

One resident points to other members in the community that could use more support

EDITORIAL: The secret to a life well lived

How do you measure the successes in one's lifetime?

Vehicle improvements also needed on Atkins Avenue

A Langford resident questions the safety of preexisting vehicle traffic on her road

Kudos to teamwork

Two Metchosin residents their appreciation to the Gazette team

EDITORIAL: Silently suffering

PTSD shouldn’t be a silent subject for anyone in our community

Letter number two, about poo

One resident is fed up with the fecal problems experienced in her neighbourhood

Yes even more ado about poo

Frustration from West Shore residents pours in over poo problems