EDITORIAL: Unity a key part of land swap

Metchosin's proposed boundary swap with Beecher Bay is a chance to take a positive step towards a healthy relationship.

EDITORIAL: The timing is right to buy school land

The rapid rate of development on West Shore limits land availability

EDITORIAL: Academies can pique students’ interest in school

Various new areas of interest available for West Shore students

EDITORIAL: Assessment time need not be tense

Various factors make up property tax calculations by municipalities

EDITORIAL: West Shore transit solutions and more for 2017

Reflecting on 2016 and looking ahead to what promises to be an eventful 2017.

EDITORIAL: We’re not immune to drug epidemic

Listening to the ongoing media reports of drug overdoses and deaths in Victoria, it’d be easy to look at this as a downtown problem.

EDITORIAL: Christmas spirit can be in all of us

We can use the slower pace this time of year to look at how we exist together with family, friends and others

EDITORIAL: Mortgage program adds risk for buyers

New loan could also drive up house prices at the lower end of the market

Hard to be hopeful about latest rail plan

Alternative to Colwood Crawl still desperately needed

Parties, weather need driving plan

The holiday season reiterates the need for a safe ride home

EDITORIAL: CRD number crunch a head scratcher

Taking a closer look at the Capital Regional District’s provisional budget and how it will affect tax payers.

EDITORIAL: Roadways finally lead somewhere

Langford making moves to get drivers moving , but jury out on the effect of improvements

EDITORIAL: Rethinking our transportation

Infrastructure upgrades in Canadian cities were made with one mode of transportation in mind: the car

Langford often a minority at CRD

Langford's distrust in the CRD stems from a complex history

EDITORIAL: Few consequences for bad drivers

West Shore motorists are pushing the limits of the road

EDITORIAL: Time to refocus on B.C. politics

The B.C. provincial election is just around the corner and parties are starting to gear up for it

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s job now gets tougher

Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States and he will hold the most powerful job in the world

EDITORIAL: Lest we forget their sacrifices

It’s important to pay respects to the war dead and veterans alike

EDITORIAL: Younger workers may save us all

Millennials' notion of work-life balance may help prevent burnout

EDITORIAL: Be bear smart this time of year

Encounter in Metchosin reminds us all about potential for human-bear contact just before hibernation