David Suzuki

DAVID SUZUKI: Greatness comes from moving forward

Those who care about a safe and healthy future have obstacles but support

Marvelous monarchs move Minister McKenna

Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna had her mind blown recently.

DAVID SUZUKI: More to climate change than social media headlines might indicate

It behooves us all to dig below the surface for more information on the topic

DAVID SUZUKI: We need to work less to live better

Adjusted work week can life productivity, create healthier employees

DAVID SUZUKI: Tread lightly to lift the weight of the world

Holiday season a good time to check how much non-recyclable material we contribute to landfills

Better discourse for a kinder world

The U.S. election was a chilling illustration of the atrocious state of public discourse

Hard work, love trump fear and hate

Perhaps this is even an opportunity, albeit one fraught with great challenges

No digging out of the fossil fuel pit

Rather than focusing on short-term economic and corporate priorities, politicians should first consider the long-term health of the public.

The crisis of violence against women

The Moose Hide Campaign was created by a young First Nations girl named Raven Lacerte and her father, Paul, in Victoria

Wild salmon face upstream battle

Disappearing salmon don’t just affect humans, but all coastal ecosystems and wildlife

Airline emissions are flying too high

It’s time for industry and governments to take much-needed steps to bring this major emissions source under control

Urban agriculture in the spotlight

More urban agriculture could be part of the solution to food crisis

Hydro’s future in a warming world

Large-scale hydro facilities often means flooding land used for farming and human communities

DAVID SUZUKI: South Australia sets an example

Noted environmentalist shares some of his experiences in Adelaide, Australia

Helping renewable energy grow

A look at the energy revolution and how it is evolving

World of reasons to protect oceans

David Suzuki explores Canada's commitment to protecting its marine environment

Virtual reality comes close to real thing

The digital revolution continues to break new ground every day

Healthy biosphere means healthier humans

Exercise is a free and simple way to stay healthy while decreasing health risks

DAVID SUZUKI: Marine life reacts to changing oceans

Discovery of electric ray the latest sign that marine life is moving northward

DAVID SUZUKI: Monarch butterflies still need your help

Campaign against milkweed has decimated butterfly populations