Strength an appropriate response to bullying

Funny how our brains don’t always do what we want them to.

I wanted to congratulate Charla Huber on writing about your recent experience with bullying. Only by bringing bullying into the open, will we be able to confront it.

I think you were right in using body language to confront them, by looking at them “right in the eye”. You acknowledged that you knew what they looked like and also that you were not afraid of them. Simply ignoring does not let bullies know that you are strong. I feel that bullies need to be confronted with strength but not anger or violence. Reacting with anger may escalate the situation and as you said, would not have been a good reaction to show your daughter.

Embarrassment is a natural reaction to someone saying negative things about you. Even though you would not voluntarily ask this person for their opinion, you still could hear what she said. If it feeds into some insecurity then we somehow validate what she said and feel badly. Funny how our brains don’t always do what we want them to.

Maybe we will hear more from you on the many aspects of bullying.

Jeannie Cosgrove