Rock the Shores not the success that some make it out to be

Enough already about how well planned the Rock the Shores concert was.

Enough already about how well planned the Rock the Shores concert was.

Lineups and more lineups. Right from the start we had the mice maze of gates to get to the one and only entrance for 12,000 to gain access into the concert.

This was just the beginning of frustrations. How about the food and toilet lines? How does a well organized concert run out of toilet paper by 6 p.m.?

Lack of communication was also apparent. We had called West Shore Parks and Recreation to ask if we were able to bring in chairs and if we could take our drinks out of the beer gardens. We were advised ‘yes.’ That was not the correct answer.

I have since spoken to many ‘rockers’ who felt the same as we did. The event was not well organized. We are not a minority. In fact, probably just the opposite. Fun was not had by everyone.

No one obviously spoke to the few thousand ‘rockers’ who stood in line at the beer gardens for hours only to be told they ran out of beer.

And what about that line up? Herding of cattle comes to mind. This entails waiting with thousands of patrons. Pushing, shoving and butting in was a normal occurrence.

At about the same time the concert was put on hold because of the weather, the beer also dried up. We were informed those without tickets would not be able to get a drink as the beer was running out. Out of sheer frustration heard while talking to others in line about the “organizing” or “lack of” this seemed to be the last straw for many.

Upon leaving the concert I had to marvel at the thousands of people still waiting in hopes of sipping a cool bevy. Who would break the news to them?

Yes, the venue was great. Let’s be honest here and take ownership of some of the shortcomings. It was the first of such an event and there is bound to be a few miscalculations.

Maybe in future, advertise that there will be a limited amount of space available in the beer gardens and for God’s sake get the ladies more toilet paper.

Richard Rodger