Northern Gateway big risk for public

Re: Northern Gateway, profit vs. environment, Science Matters, Jan. 13, 2012.

Re: Northern Gateway, profit vs. environment, Science Matters, Jan. 13, 2012.

David Suzuki summed up in one sentence what the Enbridge pipeline is really all about: “The only real argument for the Northern gateway is it will increase profits for the oil industry and hand over more of our resources, profits and jobs to China.” It is a perfect example of corporate greed and government collusion.

There is big money to be made by Enbridge and oilsands producers with minimal risk on their part. The big risk is all on individual Canadians especially in B.C. Big money for the one per cent and big risks for the 99 per cent.

Enbridge’s oil spill track record is not great and it is estimated the new pipeline will average about 60 to 80 reportable spills per year. Then once oil leaves the pipeline Enbridge has zero liability. We get to pay the billions in clean up costs when there is an oil spill.

The Harper government continues to complain about foreign influence hijacking the approval process. But the approval process has already been hijacked by foreign interests.

It is foreign oil companies and foreign governments such as communist China through their state owned oil company that are actually financing Enbridge’s application.

For their part the Harper government set up a joint review panel of National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, but failed to include any representatives from the CEAA. All three panel members are from the NEB and two have close ties to the energy industry.

Even though the hearings will go on for 18 months you only have until March 13, 2012  to submit written comments. So if you wish to comment please go to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Review Panel web site to submit a “Letter of Comment.”

James Lloyd