Langford resident Brandi Anderson proudly wears her tiara as Miss Teen Victoria.

Belmont secondary student crowned Miss Teen Victoria

Miss Teen Victoria has been awarded to a Langford woman.

Miss Teen Victoria has been awarded to a Langford woman.

Belmont secondary Grade 12 student Brandi Anderson, 18, was recently crowned after competing at the Miss Teen B.C. pageant in Vancouver in early March.

After being awarded with the regional title, Anderson has secured a place to compete in the Miss Teen Canada pageant in Toronto, July 14 to 22.

Anderson admits this national event is a bit overwhelming — the Miss Teen B.C. was her first pageant she had competed in. The event entailed modelling in a bathing suit and an evening gown, and public speaking.

“I was nervous, I was definitely out of my comfort zone,” Anderson said.

After watching pageants on TV for as long as she could remember, Anderson decided to muster up the courage and apply for the opportunity.

“I want to be a role model for girls,” she said.

After an interview via video chat with pageant co-ordinatators, Anderson geared up  to compete with 34 teens from across the province.

While she didn’t earn the provincial title, she was awarded a regional title of Miss Teen Victoria. Fourteen contestants earned regional titles during the event on March 3 and 4.

“I learned a lot there about etiquette. I learned how to sit, how to stand, how to walk and how to talk,” Anderson explained.

Competitors spent nearly a day learning how to walk with elegance and grace. “Now I walk with my shoulders back and cross my legs as I step, but still natural and flowing.”

For this year, Anderson is looking to set up appearances across Greater Victoria at community events such as parades.