Richard Worth says Security & Cellular Plus ofers a wide range of security safeguard and environmental monitoring for homes, businesses and properties. (Rick Stiebel/News Gazette staff)

HOMEFINDER: Security company takes a hands on approach

Saskatoon-based company opened West Shore location earlier this year

Rick Stiebel/News Gazette staff

When it was time to make a decision on where to expand the family business, Victoria was the obvious choice for Security & Cellular Plus.

“We put a lot of thought and research into getting established in Victoria,” said Rich Worth, owner and president of the Saskatoon-based company that specializes in security and environmental monitoring for homes and businesses. “It’s a very beautiful city with a small-town vibe, great people and a great atmosphere. It’s similar to Saskatoon in many ways including the population, and that was a big draw.”

Security & Cellular Plus offers a broad range of services, including 24/7 environmental monitoring, alarm services and systems, home and business security, construction surveillance, life safety, medical alert, interactive security, mobile apps, video monitoring, access control and more.

“We take a very hands-on approach to providing security solutions,” said Worth, who launched the location on the West Shore in January. “People want to deal with a local company, have someone come out to your home or business and customize service and products to suit their individual needs. One click on your phone at bedtime sets all your systems on go for your interior and perimeter.”

The system is monitored 24 hours a day, whether you are home or away, Worth added. “If you’re watching TV upstairs and a fire starts downstairs, you’re notified immediately, even if you haven’t set the system.”

Environmental monitoring utilizes sensors that provide protection from everything from a flood in the neighbourhood to an overflowing sink or blown hot water heater, Worth explained.

People can monitor carbon monoxide, fire and smoke hazards through their phone as well, and have live streaming from their front doors and driveways. “A lot of parents really like the peace of mind that comes with a notification that your kids are home from school,” he noted. “Another feature we offer is an automatic door lock where your cleaning lady can enter with out a key, for example, but only at specific times.”

Worth noted that someone who travels a lot or is away for extended periods is going to have different demands than someone who only goes away for a couple of weeks a year.

“Security is evolving as our lifestyles change,” he said. “The biggest misconception is that security is only for break-ins. There’s a lot of expensive real estate in Victoria. People want protection that ranges from knowing if you left your garage door open to being alerted to water issues in your neighbourhood.”

Worth stresses that the qualities that made Security & Cellular Plus such a success in Saskatoon for 28 years are an integral part of the company’s approach to getting established in Victoria.

“The business has always been based on family values,” he said. “I couldn’t do this if I didn’t find helping people feel secure so rewarding.”

Basic 24-hour monitoring services start at $19.95 a month. For more on Security & Cellular Plus, check out